Victoria Copeland is a third year Social Welfare doctoral student at the University of Los Angeles, California. Her research currently explores the use of data and surveillance within the “child welfare” system. More specifically, she is interested in how multi-system data infrastructures, predictive analytics, and surveillance in decision-making processes are utilized and rationalized within the system. Additionally, she is interested in alternate world making, exploring how alternative modalities of care can be used to address harm caused to children. She uses the intersection between Black Feminist thought, abolitionist praxis, and critical technology studies as a point of entry.

Victoria received a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience in 2016 from UNLV. She received her MSW from UCLA in 2019 with a concentration in Child & Family Well-Being.

Her current work engages with community co-collaborators to address inequities within the “child welfare” and juvenile justice systems, removing barriers between academia and community to envision alternate ways of approaching research and practice.

Uplifting Community Organizations